Season 1, Episode 19

A Karen’s Entitled Society


Mitchke-Downs Strategies, let them help you make customer service E.A.S.Y.



In this episode Melissa Krechler and Brooke Mitchke-Downs talk about entitled society, the journey of Karens in both customer service and consumers and how we can all be better.

Melissa Krechler

Melissa Krechler

Talk Show Host, Identity Coach, Spiritual Teacher

Melissa Krechler is a Multipassionate Entrepreneur.  Her main focus in all her businesses is empowering others to remove what no longer brings them joy, reclaim their identity and take control of their life and start living it, their way for themselves.

Melissa lives in Canada with her husband of 13 years, 4 children aged 7-19, her rottweiler and clutter of cats.  She is fond of the crazy cat lady title!

If you would like to connect with Melissa you can do so through the following avenues.

Identity Coaching Website:

Spiritual Teaching/Reading Website:

Brooke Mitchke-Downs

Brooke Mitchke-Downs

Customer Service Consultant and Strategist

Brooke is the mom of a 3 year old tornado and the one woman show behind Mitchke-Downs Strategies, a Customer Service consultancy.  With 25 years in the industry under her belt she works with businesses in person and online to create customer service policies that grow with the business. This includes training in advanced customer service skills, and auditing existing customer service plans to make them work post Covid.


Her passion for Customer Service started when she was a teen in her first official job a candy and gifts store. Brooke has held just about every type of customer facing job you can imagine. The experiences in retail, waitressing, call center support, and customer service training/ implantation proved to her that customer service is the key to a thriving business. After watching business after business try to “fix problems” by giving customers whatever it took to avoid bad reviews she decided to strike out on her own to help and created the E.A.S.Y. Method. Now she watches her clients thrive while being home with her tornado.

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