Season 1, Episode 17

CFO of Your CEO Life



In this episode Melissa Krechler and Lisa Brumm will be talking about how you can and should become the Chief Financial Officer of your own Chief Executive Officer Life!

Melissa Krechler

Melissa Krechler

Talk Show Host, Identity Coach, Spiritual Teacher

Melissa Krechler is a Multipassionate Entrepreneur.  Her main focus in all her businesses is empowering others to remove what no longer brings them joy, reclaim their identity and take control of their life and start living it, their way for themselves.

Melissa lives in Canada with her husband of 13 years, 4 children aged 7-19, her rottweiler and clutter of cats.  She is fond of the crazy cat lady title!

If you would like to connect with Melissa you can do so through the following avenues.

Identity Coaching Website:

Spiritual Teaching/Reading Website:

Lisa Brumm

Lisa Brumm

CEO/Author/National Speaker/Corporate Trainer

Lisa Brumm has been recognized by US News and Money for the 6th year in a row, as one of Portland’s Top 100 Advisors. She is one of KOIN TV’S Women Crush Wednesday community leaders and is often seen on ABC Affiliate’s AMNorthWest speaking about Women & Money in real life terms.

Lisa’s career began in banking and transformed into financial planning with a passion for education & empowerment, especially for women. While the topic of money in the US is often uncomfortable and full of money shaming, Lisa adamantly and on purpose built her company to not judge anyone.

She prides herself on sparking your financial curiosity!! Transforming Money into a “Girlfriend” chat and not one that scares you from sleepless nights.

Lisa understands the world of finance and translates it into simple terms, strategies and techniques that allow you to not only live your life now, but plan for the life you want to live on your terms.

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