Financing The St(ages)

Join Melissa Krechler and Tiffany Tracey while they talk about how to create financial freedom and independence at difference stages of life and different ages.  Retirement, Teens, Etc.


Tiffany Tracey

The ReSell Queen

Positivity Movement & Cancel Culture

Join Melissa Krechler and Angie Romero while they talk about how the Positivity Movement and Cancel Culture are creating a fake humanity.


Angie Romero

Metaphysical Reverend, Workshop Facilitator and Publisher

Women’s Power

Join Melissa Krechler and Tracy Blehm while they talk about Societal Expectations vs. Taking Back Your Power. Mother, Wife, Submissive, Emotional, Provider, let’s only subscribe to the titles, actions and responsibilities we want to. 


Tracy Blehm

Business Coach For Holistic Professionals & Self Proclaimed Comedian

Creating Change From Challenge

Join Melissa Krechler and Deborah Ann Corbin how you can take life’s struggles and challenges and use them to help you make positive changes in your life because, they really are happening for you and not to you!


Deborah Ann Corbin

Leadership & Transformational Coach

Love Your Way

Join Melissa Krechler and Melanie Smith while they talk about how not every wants a white picket fence, 2 kids and a dog. Create a loving relationship the way you want it.  


Melanie Smith

Literacy Expert & Skincare Consultant


Join Melissa Krechler and Sandi Girard while they talk about how addiction impacts the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of the family of addicts. We will also give insight into addiction and some ways to help your loved ones.


Sandi Girard

Life Improvement Advocate, Grateful Member of Al Anon

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Join Melissa Krechler and Lee Shanks while they talk about Trigeminal Neuralgia and chronic pain conditions.  The stereotypes, assuptions and trauma associated with the unseen killers.


Lee Shanks

Intuitive Lee, Spiritual Medium

Aligning To Your Five-Year Persona

Join Melissa Krechler and Meghan McNabb while they talk about aligning who you are now to who you want to be in five years so that you can start seeing a difference in your life without waiting.


Meghan McNabb

Chief Experience Officer

Sleep What can happen when you don’t get enough sleep!

Join Melissa Krechler and Diane Vics while they talk about the impact of not getting enough sleep and getting too much sleep on your body, mind and energy and how you can help yourself.


Diane Vics

Hope Dealer, Natural Wellness Guide, Essential Oils Specialist

Family Expectations and Societal Prejudices

Join Melissa Krechler and Drashti Shah while they talk about following your dreams and finding success through family expectations and societal prejudices.


Drashti Shah

Content and Copy Writer | Website Designer

Judgmental Judy

Join Melissa Krechler and Sonya van Stee while they talk about the issues surrounding judgment.  Holding yourself accountable for your own judgments and dealing with the judgments of others.


Sonya van Stee

The Effervescent Entrepreneur

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