What is Giving You Something To Talk About?

Giving You Something To Talk About is a Talk Show, Podcast and Blog.

Have you ever felt that something just wasn’t working? Like you needed to make a change but you just couldn’t see the right path in front of you so you try different things?

Well that happened to me, shocking, I know! (total sarcasm if you have followed me for awhile!)

I felt like all the posting I did, while valuable and meaningful, just wasn’t hitting me or my audience the way I wanted it to.

And so I created Giving You Something To Talk About.

I wanted to create a platform that can emotionally connect to the struggle’s of everyday life.  Things that we have heard about, things that we haven’t.  Perceptions that will give us those big AHA moments in our own lives that can help us change those struggles and create something bigger and better.

I wanted to genuinely give our audience whether through watching, listening or reading the ability to take something away from the show that will create their own conversations. Hence the title, Giving You Something To Talk About.

I wanted our audience and our guest co-hosts and bloggers the ability to feel heard, understood, supported and most importantly involved.

Giving You Something To Talk About is the most passionate show because not only is it filled with passion topics, it is also, my Dream, my Reality and my Future, will you join me?

We are always looking for:

Guest Co-Hosts

Guest Bloggers

Featured Topics

Sponsors and

Importantly our audience, the GYSTTALIVE FAMILY!

Let’s connect!

Much love,


Melissa Krechler
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Melissa Krechler

Talk Show Host, Identity Coach, Spiritual Teacher

Melissa Krechler is a Multipassionate Entrepreneur.  Her main focus in all her businesses is empowering others to remove what no longer brings them joy, reclaim their identity and take control of their life and start living it, their way for themselves.

Melissa lives in Canada with her husband of 13 years, 4 children aged 7-19, her rottweiler and clutter of cats.  She is fond of the crazy cat lady title!

If you would like to connect with Melissa you can do so through the following avenues.

Identity Coaching Website:

Spiritual Teaching/Reading Website:

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